November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you all for inspiring and motivating me every day to be a better speaker and coach!

I'm especially grateful to those of you who read and subscribe to my blog and newsletter; while I like to think I'm helping you improve your skills and confidence - and learn to love public speaking in the process - I'm also improving myself by writing for you.

I'm enjoying getting to know you through your e-mails and comments, and I hope to meet you all in person some day! (My friends tell me I'm starting to get sappy in my old age. Maybe I am.)

You may or may not see me Friday; we're seriously considering spending the day in bed, snuggled under the flannel comforter, with a big stack of magazines and books and continuous cups of tea. Our only commitment is to our cats, and to the cats of friends who are out of town for the holiday weekend, so we'll have to get up at some point to give food and insulin shots. We're the designated catsitters this time around.

To my readers in the US, have a lovely Thanksgiving and a restful holiday weekend!

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