November 21, 2007

Perfection, paralysis and procrastination

Lisa Wells has an article on her blog today about perfection paralysis, that illness that strikes as we're trying to write the perfect blog post or craft the perfect presentation.

Instead of getting it done and putting it out there, we rewrite, rework, reconfigure, and generally find ways never to finish the project. Because it's not perfect.

Here's a great way to break free of perfection paralysis if you're a speaker: schedule the gig even if your presentation is not yet done.

This forces a deadline on you and you will be finished putting the presentation together by the deadline, because you have no choice. You won't be able to refine it until after you present it. And that's as it should be!

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3 comments. Please add yours! :

Anonymous said...

I was SO worried that the session I was presenting at a conference was not ready. I felt I was so unprepared. I even went through the presentation on my laptop on the plane!
In the end it was just fine.
Deadlines do work. (especially if it's a long flight)

Matthew Cornell said...

This is *just* what I needed to hear, Lisa. Thanks! I'm about to create a two-day workshop, of which ~2/3 is new. I have a partner pushing me, and we've just decided to announce it.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

This is a proven technique for a procrastinator like me! I actually have a couple of presentation topics in mind that I'm not even going to develop until I'm booked to do them. I'll never get them done otherwise. :-)

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