May 19, 2008

Microphone reminder

At WEV graduation the other night, I noticed that a few of the speakers still could barely be heard, even though they were using a microphone. So I want to reiterate, because without this tip, nothing else you remember about microphone handling matters:

You still have to speak up and project your voice, even though you are using a microphone. The microphone can't do all the work.

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Anonymous said...


You are right: the microphone can't solve everything by itself.

This is definitely a pet peeve of mine. Tremendous subtlety of meaning is conveyed by voice. Not just nuance and emotional context, but basic meaning of words varies according to vocal inflection.

The words you choose to speak serve as platforms from which your tone of voice creates meaning. Think of how tone of voice can change the meaning of a sentence:

"You are going to do this for me."

This sentence can be phrased to be:

An angry demand:

You are going to do this for me!

Amazement at someone's generosity:

You are going to do this for me?

Sarcastic disbelief and putdown:

You are going to do this for me?

When you can't hear someone well, all this subtlety this is all lost.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

I like this exercise:

Take the sentence "I never said he stole the money," and practice saying it with the emphasis on a different word each time. It's amazing how the same sentence can be made to mean so many different things!

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