May 19, 2008

Stimulate your thinking - under pressure!

Have you ever played the game Taboo?

It's a game where you give clues to your teammates about a secret word, without using five "taboo" clues.

For example, your word might be "kangaroo," which you must describe to your team without using the words "pouch," "hop," "animal," "Australia," or "captain." Or you might have to describe "leftovers" without using the words "reheat," "yesterday," "food," "meal," or "save." Or how about describing "toddler" without saying "child," "youngster," "baby," "walk," or "two?"

The more words or phrases your team guesses in a minute, the more points you get.

This is a great game to stimulate your thinking, forcing you to describe people, places, things and concepts in new ways. You have to get beyond clich├ęd descriptions and be original. And you have to do it under pressure with a time limit!

I highly recommend this game as a way to wake up your brain. We played girls against boys the other night and yes, the girls won. :-)

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