September 16, 2008

48 ways to be nice to your audience

This list of "48 Ways to Be Nice and Improve the World Around You" showed up in my inbox the other day and, while it might seem like a stretch, I thought some of these ideas might be fun to adapt for a presentation. I don't have 48 ideas, but maybe with your contributions, we can come up with a good list.

For example:

"Channel your second-grade teacher and playfully give out gold-star stickers to all the people in your life — young and old — who somehow make your day a little easier."

How about giving prizes to audience members who participate in an activity, or who are the first to answer a question, or who win a game (I give out my "No Heckler" mini buttons to people who sit in the front row)?

"Hide messages for your family to find throughout the day, like 'Thanks for doing a load!' in the dryer, or a silly joke in your child’s lunch box."

Stick messages or silly questions relating to your topic under the audience's chairs and have them find them and read them out loud at the appropriate time (one of my clients does this).

"Make a list of local shops, restaurants, hair salons, and other services for new neighbors."

Give your audience a list of follow-up resources that includes websites, books and articles not just from yourself, but from other experts as well.

"Take a dozen fresh-baked cookies to your local fire or police station."

When I'm doing a long workshop, I always bring candy and toys to help keep the group stimulated throughout the day.

"At a tourist spot, ask people if they would like you to take their picture in front of a beautiful view or a historic monument."

Bring disposable cameras and encourage your audience to take pictures of you and each other throughout the workshop. Then post them on your website to share with everyone.

What are some of your fun ideas for livening up a workshop or presentation? Share in the comments!

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Anonymous said...

Great and interactive blog!! Great ideas. What caught my attention about you was you and your Gluten free comment on Twitter. Good luck on your speaking events!

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks for stopping by, Tara! I'm a fiend for a good gluten-free product, but that coffee cake is really out of this world. You'd never know...

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