September 15, 2008

Sentences Should Be Like Book Titles

This post on the Beyond Bullet Points blog, "Ten Ways to Give a Bad Presentation," cracked me up.

#6 made me laugh out loud, and it's one of my major pet peeves:

"Capitalize everything. That's right. Sentences Should Be Like Book Titles. BETTER YET, DO THIS AND CAPITALIZE EVERY LETTER. That should drill your words into the audience's heads."

I Don't Know About You, But Sentences Capitalized Like Book Titles In Slide Shows Drive Me Crazy! Why Do So Many People Do This?

People suddenly lose all reason when they design slides. Rules of grammar and spelling we've known since elementary school, not to mention good old common sense, fly out the window.

Read the rest of the list, and let me know in the comments what other ways you can think of to give a bad presentation.

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6 comments. Please add yours! :

Matthew Cornell said...

Terrific one! Learning to pare down what I say is a constant challenge. Writing well (including slide titles) is an act of genius.

Unknown said...

Oh, my favorite...using bright greens, and nearly invisible light blues! There's nothing quite as enjoyable as spending an hour working out the eye muscles (to the point of over-straining them) during a presentation!

Oh, and pleeeeaaassse use a generic teal color for the back ground on all slides...especially when all of your text is the default font and one size! (I have a colleague who, due to lack of effort maybe, likes to use this one)

Unknown said...

But in all seriousness, I think #2 may be the worste. There are not a lot of things that will make your brain shut off than this one.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks for your comments, Matt and Brandon.

Those generic backgrounds are like a lullaby to me. Instant snoozeville.

Reading the slides is certainly one of the worst things on the list.

Just don't be one of those people who complains when others do it, and then turn around and do it yourself!

Unknown said...

please. can we delete all cheesy clipart on the planet? that really drives me batty.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Yeah, where do people get the idea that clipart improves a PowerPoint?

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