October 25, 2008

Submit your top ten speakers

For the last couple of years, Bert Decker has been compiling a list of the Top Ten Best and Worst Communicators, and he's looking for your input for the 2008 list, which will be announced on December 31.

Here's his 2007 list, and his 2006 list.

Who do you think should be on the lists? (Don't forget to post your list on Bert's blog!)

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3 comments. Please add yours! :

Bill Reichart said...


I am going to leave you a list of communicators that run in my circle (the church)...but by every objective standard these men and women are some of the best communicators out there.

Tim Keller - author, pastor, Redeemer Church in NYC

Andy Stanley - author, pastor, Northpoint Church in Alpharetta, GA

Rob Bell - author, pastor and producer of the Nooma Videos and pastor of Mars Hill Church in Michigan

Sally Morgenthaler - author, speaker, and expert on church worship (I just heard her a month ago and I was blown away!)

N.T. Wright - pastor, author and theologian - Bishop of Durham in England. Wright is a better author than oral communicator, but his ability to take the complex and make it understandable is a real gift.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill, Tim Keller is one of the BEST! He is conversational yet not casual. Great messages - we subscribe to his sermons.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks, Bill! Don't forget to post your list in Bert's comments, too!

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