February 6, 2009

1,000 victories

Yesterday Pat Summitt, long-time coach of the Tennessee Lady Vols, became the first Division I basketball coach -- male or female -- to reach 1,000 victories.

She's won eight national championships in her 35-year career at Tennessee. In 1976, she played on the first U.S. women's Olympic basketball team. Only two coaches have come anywhere near her 1,000 wins: Bob Knight with 902 and Jody Conradt with 900 -- both retired. She's achieved 1,000 victories with only 187 losses, unprecedented in the sport.

So what do people say about the reasons for Summitt's success over the years? In interviews with her peers, you'll hear "commitment to excellence" and "works hard at becoming better all the time."

In this article, you'll read "tireless attention to detail," "getting it done," and this: "How do you get to 1,000? Because you worked just as hard before this one as you did before victory No. 248. Or 561. Or 739."

In this interview, Summitt says she learned from her father that, "Hard work never killed anyone," and from her mother, "Hang with winners." She says, "Intensity's a good thing," and talks about her passion.

Regarding her young team that includes seven freshmen, she says, "We may be young and we may be inexperienced, but our goal is to be in St. Louis at the Final Four,” she said. “We have a vision and that’s where we want to be.”

Pat Summitt has her players; she can't win without them, and they can't win without her.

As a speaker, you have your audience; without them, you're not a speaker and without you, they're just a group of people sitting in a room! A speaker and an audience are a team, interacting with each other, having a conversation, and building a relationship. An audience brings your presentation to life, feeding back the speaker's energy and passion and contributing to your success.

Are you committed to excellence?

Will you work just as hard to give a great 1,000th presentation as you did your 12th?

Do you demonstrate your passion for your topic and appreciation for your audience?

Do you have goals and a vision of your success?

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