December 3, 2009

Help me name my book!

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I am notoriously bad at coming up with titles. You might have noticed a slew of boring titles on this here blog, and all I can say is that I sure hope the content is way better than the titles.

Now, I'm in the process of writing a book/e-book on making presentations fun. The book will cover many aspects of fun: props, visuals, games, skits, stories, music, activities, tools, tricks, etc., and will include my stories and stories from other speakers about how we make presentations fun for our audiences (and for ourselves!).

I'm also going to put up another site that will revolve around this same concept and will allow readers to add their own stories, videos, etc. I'd like the name of the site and the name of the book to be the same.

I'm leaning toward a really boring name, like "Making Presentations Fun." Ugh. Even if I started with a name like that, I would still need a good subtitle.

So I've decided to make this a contest. Please submit your suggestions either in the comments below, or if you're shy, by e-mail (you'll find my contact info in the sidebar). Deadline for submitting your suggestions is December 17.

I'll take full names. I'll take subtitles that would make my boring title interesting. Whatever you've got, I'll take it.

If your name is picked, I'll send you your choice of either my "101 Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking" (see what I mean?), or a copy of the new book/e-book when it comes out.

Let the contest begin!

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8 comments. Please add yours! :

Jason Peck said...

What about Speak Schmeak??? You have Presentation Zen (blog and book) and Slide:ology (blog and book) why not name your book after your blog and then give it an interesting sub head?

That way it can drive traffic back to the blog. Rather than people going, "what's the blog called again?" So....

"Speak Schmeak: x number of ways to make your presentations fun, funky and fascinating"

Lily Iatridis said...

Hi there-

Just a thought-would keyword research help it get better sales? Like combining fun and SEO? Or to build on the last comment, how about "Fun, Funky and Fascinating Presentations by Speak Schmeak?"

Sorry can't think of a better one now!


Lily Iatridis

jeculver said...

I believe that your title, Making Presentations Fun, is okay because it tells the buyer exactly what the book will help them do; however, I believe the subtitle should be Helpful Hints for the Clueless and Boring. I enjoy adding humor. Besides, those purchasing your book know they are boring and have no clue how to make a great presentation. If not, they would not be buying your book. Good luck!

Kannan said...

Art of Presentations 3.0- The fun part.

Just to emphasize the new web age

Best of wishes for your book.

jrotem said...

Easy! Use both.
Title: "Speak Schmeak"
Subtitle: "Making Presentations Fun"
Love the idea of using the clever blog name which already has good SEO and will be easy to find and remember.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks, all y'all! I appreciate your great ideas! Keep 'em coming.

Unknown said...

How about: preFUNtations

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Thanks, Dr. Ricart!

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