April 19, 2011

"Have to" or "Get to"?

"I wasn't going to let nerves get in my way. I wasn't going to let fear get in my way. I knew how lucky I was. And I just was going to let every moment be about joy and gratitude." ~ Ann Hathaway, on hosting the Oscars

Not many of us get the opportunity to stand in front of millions of people and promote ourselves and our businesses, which is what an actor or comedian gets to do when they host the Oscars.

Some of you are saying "get" to do? You see speaking as more of a "have" to do.

Of course, it's a privilege to host an awards show like the Oscars. But it's also a privilege to speak in front of any audience!

Think about it for a minute:

You get the opportunity to share your message with a captive audience.

You get to stand out from all the other people who avoid speaking.

You get to learn about yourself as a person, and face your personal challenges.

You get to connect with people and build relationships.

You get to work on your skills every time you're on the stage or in the conference room.

You get to help people move forward and take action.

You get to express your ideas, change minds and make an impact.

You get to be in charge of the room -- and own the stage.

There is so much a speaker gets out of presenting to an audience. You get to be your most fabulous, confident, brilliant, witty self. You get to stand out while others hide in the shadows. You get to change minds, and maybe lives.

But only if you reframe that negative "have to" into "get to."

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