July 13, 2021

Stop hiding [part 1]

I consider this to be a horribly unflattering picture of me. Not only is my hair thinning, I have a couple of bald spots that happened spontaneously a couple of years ago that never grew back.

I don't like how my aging body looks a lot of the time. I have a weird hump that's probably from years of bad posture and leaning into a computer screen. I've lost my confident stride since I broke my leg and foot last year, hobbling around like a little old lady.

But guess what: THIS IS HOW I LOOK. When I go out into the world to get my mail, to see friends, to go grocery shopping... this is how I look. Do I stay home all the time so no one will see me? Of course not! This is how I look in the world.

I've heard from SO many women that they don't want to speak in front of an audience, or even shoot video, until they lose weight. Or they don't want to be seen because they have crooked teeth or some other perceived flaw. 

But guess what: THIS IS HOW THE WORLD SEES YOU. Unless you hide in your house 24/7, people have seen you, at your current weight, with your crooked teeth, or thinning hair, or accent, or whatever else you think is "wrong" with you.

It doesn't matter what you look like. The world still needs to see you, hear your message, learn from you. You have so much to give. Get in front of the 🗣👩‍👩‍👧‍👧audience. Shoot the 📱🤳🏼video.

Need some support? Let's talk! I will gently push you out of your comfort zone!

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