July 6, 2021

They don't even notice

Do you see my tattoo? Most people don't.

My first two tattoos were on my back, and after listening to me whine about wanting another one for, um, several years, my husband gave me a gift certificate to a tattoo artist for our 14th anniversary (now 18 years ago). 😂

Putting a tattoo on my wrist felt SUPER RISKY at the time. Unless I want to wear long sleeves (which I hate), it's going to be visible ALL THE TIME. At the time, I wore a watch on that wrist and I thought "Well, the tattoo will peek out from under the watch occasionally. That'll be cute." But during the period of healing, I had to stop wearing the watch. And I never put it back on.

Now here's the funny thing. It felt SO RISKY to have a visible tattoo, and yet NOBODY NOTICED.

I've had friends and colleagues ask me when I got the tattoo, because they've never seen it. At a quick glance, it just appears to be a bracelet. It is literally hiding in plain sight. 

See, I didn't realize that everyone is so busy worrying about their own shit, they don't notice other people's shit. (Not that my tattoo is shit, mind you!)

We're often afraid to put ourselves out into the world because we think people are going to notice all the things we want to hide. So many women I work with don't want to be seen on camera because their roots are showing or their teeth are crooked or they've got speech impediment or they need to lose 10 pounds.

People literally DO NOT NOTICE!

I'll acknowledge that there are haters and there are trolls. Those are sad little meanies who actually DO look for the stuff that's not "perfect." But we don't care about trolls, right? They've got their OWN shit.

Get visible. Share your message. I'm here for you!

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