October 28, 2021

Price is not the same as value

Our bath towels have been looking ratty for a while. I don't care so much about my own use, but I've been looking for a new set for when guests come over.

There are so many deals on towels out there! And I kept reading reviews and thinking, "Wow, this is a great deal, but are they good towels?"

And then it hit me.

We haven't bought towels in over a decade. 🤯 And yet, very few of them are actually shredded or in bad enough shape that we can't use them. I started to wonder what the cost per use had turned out to be. Pennies? Fractions of pennies?

I told my husband about a set of towels I found for $100 and how they sounded really great but really expensive, and he pointed out how long towels last and how many uses we get out of them. If these towels last another 20 or 30 years, is $100 a good value?

As a speaking coach, I get a lot of tire-kickers, people who are looking for the cheapest option, not the best value.

And I've done the same over the years. It took me a LONG time to start investing REAL money in my business, in my learning, in my coaching.

And what happened when I stopped looking for the cheapest products and services? I found exceptional value: Programs and products that would serve me for YEARS, much longer than the actual amount of time I spent in the program or working with the coach.

Some of my investments pay off immediately; some pay off over time.

That's not to say that every high-priced offer is worth it. Research is required, and sometimes we're disappointed with the outcomes.

(And sometimes we're disappointed with the outcomes because we didn't do the work!

Sometimes good value comes at a low-low price. But pay attention to the "cost per use."

Pay attention to the long-term value you'll get from working with an experienced and knowledgeable coach. It might cost more, but it'll be worth it when you're still using what you learned years later!

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