March 27, 2022

Successful speakers stay curious

Are you a curious person? Do you always need to know WHY? WHAT? WHO? WHEN? WHERE?

When a car starts up at 11:30 p.m. in my neighborhood and drives away, I wonder why.

The other day I stood beneath a tree for a good 5 minutes trying to find the bird that was singing! (It was the ever-elusive Hooded Oriole!)

My Google search history is full of questions like "Are most serial killers white?" "How to pronounce Aix," "Can Supreme Court justices be impeached?" 😉 And "Did Gerald Coffee write a poem about eating half a bug?"

I literally consider every experience I have to be a potential metaphor for public speaking. Everything I see, hear, and learn is something that I can turn into an unexpected lesson for my clients and my audiences.

If you're a speaker, you can't be telling the same stories in the same way for years. You can't be using the same examples, same images, and same analogies for years.

Sure, sometimes you have a really great example that stands the test of time. We all do. But I've also pulled out stories that happened so long ago that they're just not current anymore. And I know there are more current examples I can use.

Your presentation still needs constant refreshing, because new things are happening in the world all the time.

When you can use new, fresh examples and stories that people can resonate with NOW you're going to make a better connection. Your audience will learn and retain more of your content and be more inclined to take action.

And if that's not the purpose of presenting, then I don't know what is!

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