May 23, 2023

Visibility can be awkward; do it anyway

You hate bringing attention to yourself. Taking selfie pics and videos makes you want to hurl. I get it.

But if you're an entrepreneur, you need to be seen and heard. And those images and videos of you working, playing, and living your life help people get to know you.

When you go to someone's social media or their website and all you see are stock photos, aren't you a little bit put off? We want to know who's behind the curtain! 🫣

Here are my thoughts on how to make selfies less awkward (keep in mind, it takes a LOT to embarrass me, and even *I* feel weird walking around town shooting videos of myself 😳).

📷 Ask your partner to take pics and videos when you're out and about

It's always less awkward when someone does it for you! My husband knows that when we leave the house, he'll be called into duty as my documentarian.

He knows that documenting my life and work is just part of being visible, and he does it unenthusiastically. 😂 Sometimes I get a laugh out of him if I'm being particularly weird.

📹 Make a date with a fellow entrepreneur

Plan a lunch, a walk on the beach, some wine tasting or a coffee date and make a deal that you'll document each other.

It's still having someone else do it, but this way, you both benefit from the photo shoot. Just film yourselves having fun! (There are also now "selfie museums" that are made just for these kinds of photo shoots.) It's also a good excuse for the ones where you actually do your hair and dress up a little. 

🛠️ Have the right tools

And by tools, I mean phone and tripod. I have a Pocket Tripod by Geometrical Inc. that sits in my wallet, slightly thicker than a credit card. I pull it out, assemble it, and voila! Always ready for a selfie.

😵‍💫 Realize that people aren't paying attention to you

The truth is, most people won't even notice or care about what you're doing. Sitting on a park bench taking a selfie? Who really cares?

Everywhere you go, people are filming themselves, their friends, their views, their food, their pets... it's a *thing.*

When you're out and about, put your phone in your hand. Be ready when the inspiration strikes. Cool wall? Take a pic in front of it! Trees and greenery? Great backdrop. Funny sign? Perfect spot to pose.

Build a library of selfies and videos (aka "b-roll") so you always have something to add to your website and your socials, especially for those times when you just don't feel up to a pic.

🛑 Oh, and that thing people say, "Selfie for the algo..."? You don't need to explain yourself for posting pictures on social media. Pics get more engagement than anything else you can post. So stop explaining or apologizing and just do it!

How do you build your selfie library? Share below!

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