May 23, 2023

A unexpected presentation in living color

Here I am looking "unprofessional." And giving a presentation. 🤯

Even *I*, with my "live and let live" attitude about what constitutes professionalism, never dress like this to present. I just haven't found a fun, colorful, comfortable outfit that works for me, so I default back to my routine gray, black, white.

Once I'm done speaking, though, I'm back in my bright, colorful clothes.

So on the second day of the conference, when the speaker didn't show up for their breakout, I jumped in and ended up doing an impromptu session on remote/virtual presentations...

...wearing THIS outfit! A wacky patterned skirt, magenta sneakers, two chunky plastic cuff bracelets, my longest earrings, bright, bold, loud, and 100% me.

Did I do a great job? I think I did. 🤷🏻

Did I overthink what I was wearing before I stood up? No time.

Did anyone care what I was dressed like while they were receiving value and resources? Pretty sure that's a no (but we'll see if they write me into the evaluation, which still has the booked speaker's name for that session)!

🪄Once again, I find myself teaching what I most need to learn. And I need to go shopping, because the days of the black and gray uniform are over.

Are you still stuck in a rut with your presentation outfits? Tell me more!

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